Chapter Four: Following the Shepherd

From Embodying Mark, p. 46-47:

There is a gravitational pull to Jesus, which he accepts because he cares for them, all of them, insiders who do not fully understand (but try to) and outsiders who in their desperation may understand some parts of him best of all. As they are drawn to him, he is also drawn to cross geographical, social and religious boundaries to meet them. He is willing to become a political enemy of the state to the point of death when that is what it takes to do this fully.

If Jesus is in the boat with us, then no matter how many times we cross the sea at his command, what we will always find on the other side is people who need him. We are among them, his sheep. But if we want to follow him beyond the garden party and set sail across the sea, then we will be called to participate in God’s love for all the rest, to share the deep compassion of Jesus for our own flock of brothers and sisters and for all the sheep on the other side of our social, religious and political boundaries of whatever kind.

In your exploration of Mark 6:30-56, as you think, imagine, pray, and create, if there is anything you (or your group, if you are exploring Mark with others) would like to share — a thought, an idea, an image of a creative expression, or a video clip of a reading, presentation, or other creative embodiment of the text — please share that in a Reply box below.

If it is a thought or an idea, please tell us about it. If it is a video, first put your video on YouTube, and then paste the URL (the YouTube address for that video) into your message in the Reply box, and the YouTube video will show up there; to get the right address for this, click on Share (you’ll see this option below the video) and then select Embed and copy the address that comes up, then paste it into the Reply box, and once you post it, the video should appear. If it is a photo you would like to share, you can do this through any of a number of websites that allow you to share photos; I have tried it with Flickr, and to do it there, you tell it that you’d like to share the HTML (it lets you choose Link, HTML, or BBCode when you say you want to share the photo; you select HTML, and also select HTML rather than Embed). You may wish to write something about the photo or video.

One thought on “Chapter Four: Following the Shepherd

  1. If you’d like to experience this chapter, here is an opportunity to do this with Pastor Dan Mueller of Walla Walla Lutheran Parish in Australia. He and his parishioners are using Embodying Mark in their Lenten study of Mark this year, and here he creates space for us to join them in a prayerful reading of the text and in meeting God with some of the suggestions from prayers and embodiment from the chapter:


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