Embodying Mark

If you are exploring whether you’d like to read Embodying Mark, there is some information about it on this page.  If you are already reading it and would like to share ideas or videos, please go to Your Ways of Embodying Mark (you can just click here).

Embodying Mark is an invitation to a multidimensional experience of the Gospel of Mark in eight parts, beginning in the wilderness of Jesus’ baptism and temptation and journeying on with the story to the cross and the empty tomb.  It is a journey that you can take on your own or with a group, and it is suitable for Lent if you are looking for an eight-week experience at that time, but it would work just as well at another time of year and could be experienced in whatever period of time works for you (for example, in the course of a long weekend with just yourself, the Gospel, and the book; or in bi-weekly gatherings with friends; or in monthly mini-retreats with a Bible study or prayer group over the course of an academic year).  Each chapter covers a passage in Mark in detail but also gives you food for thought about some aspect of the portrait of Jesus in Mark; if you’d like to see the passages and chapter titles and a tiny excerpt from each one, click on the chapter titles that come up when you click on Embodying Mark in the menu bar above (here is a link for Chapter One).  Along with “Thinking about” sections in each chapter, you will find “Suggestions for prayer and embodiment,” which give you ways to engage with the passage and theme, locate yourself in the text prayerfully and imaginatively, and express creatively in your own way the experience you have as you explore the Gospel.  As you come up with your own ideas for doing these things, I hope you will share them in the reply boxes for each chapter above.  I would be very pleased for us to share the Gospel together here.  The book also has a Facebook page if that is easier for you.

Here are two kind and helpfully descriptive endorsements for the book, which the publisher has put on the back cover:

‘Meda Stamper has the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor.  She uses words with passion and skill, and unfolds the Gospel of Mark as abundant good news – for those whom Jesus met, and for all who reflect on his story today.  This small book leads us deep into the gospel text, and far along the Christian way.  I commend it with conviction and delight.’

Revd John Proctor, General Secretary of the United Reformed Church

‘This book offers an opportunity for refreshment and re-engagement with the good news of Mark.  It includes many exciting and imaginative suggestions for meditative prayer, using memory and body posture, drama and artistic expression.  The reflections are poetic, inspiring and informative, and the prayer techniques would appeal to many different types of people.  I would definitely use it in small groups or on retreat because it enables each and every person to access these life-giving words in their own way.’

Revd Sue Wallace, Canon Precentor and Sacrist of Winchester Cathedral


If you have questions about the book, you are welcome to send them through the Reply box below.

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